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By Cathy Smith
Easy International Cooking
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Jeff at Home
Red Pepper Pasta
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Recipes from our Classic TV show
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Current TV Show Recipes
Lebanese Fattoush Salad with Grilled Chicken
with Chef Claud Beltran
Coconut Choraybah Cookies
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with Jeff Baker and Company
Szechuan Pepper Shrimp and
Almond Cookies
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Chicken Enchiladas with Mole Sauce and
Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies
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Curry Shrimp with Bacon Jam Fried Rice
with Chef Claud Beltran
Strawberry Cream Parfait
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Moroccan Beef Stew and Lemon Couscous
Date Stuffed Cookies
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Peruvian Loma Saltado
Pisco Rice Pudding
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Introducing Jeff's Blogged Book
My Wife's Damn Inheritance
Back in 2004, I spent five months backpacking through Europe with Donna and our three kids. My memoir has been released in 300 to 700 word blogs for your enjoyment. Yes, I'll write about food occasionally.
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