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In the "Dog House?" This is a sure fire way to get yourself out.
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Marit, our trusty stage manager, is also known as the Subruban Wine Lover. Here are her suggestions to make your evening extra special all for under $12.99.
Marit's Wine Choices
We know the way to that special someone's heart is through food. This page is designed to help you along the cullinary love path.
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Top 7: Ways To Get Out Of The Doghouse: of-the-doghouse_7.html

Date Night Idea's:

Top Romantic Songs
The best love songs for singles and couples:

Top 10 Romantic Movies for both Men and Women n-and-women/

1) The Princess Bride

2) Can't Buy Me Love

3) Shrek

4) 10 Things I Hate About You
(I love the father in this one)

5) 50 First Dates

6) Casablanca

7) Hitch

8) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

9) Jerry Maquire

10) Out of Sight

*My personal favorite Chick-flex movie I think men will like is "Sound Of Music". A movie where Nuns know Cars I like.

Jenni Field showing how to temper chocolate
Dan's Dessert:
Sure fire way to someone's heart
Dan Underwood joins us on "Classic Man in the Kitchen" shows aired on KVCR Sundays, 11AM in the Los Angeles area.

This month's recipe:

Mocha Java Trifle
1 angle food cake
1 large package instant chocolate fudge pudding
Kahlua liqueur
1 pint whipping cream
4 tbs powder sugar
4 ripe bananas
1 large chocolate bar, frozen
Make pudding and set aside. Whip cream and sugar together until stiff. Break cake into pieces, Place half in bottom of trifle dish. Sprinkle Kahlua over cake. Top with half of pudding followed by half cream. Repeat layer. Grate frozen chocolate to top.

1) Trader Joes Coastal Chardonnay $3.99
Great value in a highly drinkable Chardonnay. Easy on the palate with pineapple and pear notes and nice acidity.

2) 14 Hands "Hot to Trot" Red blend $11.99
This Washington State wine is a real treat! Highly drinkable red blend with jammy flavors and light tannins. Rich and fruit forward.

3) Little Black Dress 2009 Pinot Grigio $9.99
May be the name screams "girlie" but give this on a try. You will find clean citrus flavors in a surprisingly elegant wine and some of the proceeds go to womens charities!

4) Red Bicyclette French Rose 2008 $12.99
True French rose from the Languedoc region of France. Beautiful color and strawberry flavors make this an exceptional wine. Dry, soft on the palate yet with an intriguing brightness in the finish. This wine is truly on of my favorites

5) Blue Fin California Petit Sirah 2009, $3.99
Our friends at Trader Joe's have really done it this time, Petite Sirah for $3.99 and it's good! Black fruit flavor with Cassis and spice overtones, medium bodied but rich. This would be great for any roasted or grilled meat.

How to Have a Romantic Dinner at Home
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